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CND provides a voice for the millions of people in the country who oppose the replacement of Britain’s nuclear weapons system, Trident. We want to see its £100 billion - or more - cost invested instead in the things we need – like housing, healthcare, education. We want to see a world without nuclear weapons, and stopping Trident is part of that process.

Right now, we have a unique but short window of opportunity to win – but only with the support of our members. Join CND today.

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By joining CND you help to fund the world's largest single-issue peace movement, your voice adds strength to CND's campaign. CND is run by its members, who can attend our annual conference to decide the direction of the campaign and contribute to the decision-making process. In addition you will receive

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By joining CND you agree to abide by the aims and objectives of CND as detailed in the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Company. In the event of CND being wound up, you commit to pay the sum of £1 towards the costs.