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The CND Peace Education programme supports independent thinking and encourages debate, enabling young people to form their own opinions. We do not campaign in schools.

We also offer teacher training sessions and CPD on teaching about controversial issues such as war & peace.

CND Peace Education is particularly suitable for: English – Speaking and Listening; Persuasive Language, Religious Education – War & Peace, Citizenship – Critical Thinking & Enquiry; Citizens working together; Taking Informed & Responsible Action (including the operation of pressure groups), History – Changing Nature of Conflict; Hiroshima & Nagasaki; The cold war, Science – Effects of Radiation, Government and Politics – Operation of Pressure Groups; Current Political Debates, Maths/ICT – Symmetry (folding origami peace cranes), Literacy – Years 5 and 6, Art & Design – Origami cranes & designing peace symbols

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