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The CND Peace Education programme supports independent thinking and encourages debate, enabling young people to form their own opinions. We do not campaign in schools. We also offer teacher training sessions and CPD on teaching about controversial issues such as war & peace.

Our second annual  Creative Writing Competition closed on June 12th. This year, to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the theme of the competition was "The day the bomb fell..."Click here to find out how to enter and what amazing prizes we're offering winners this year.  The prize ceremony was hosted on July 3rd in the House of Lords, Parliament. Check back soon for the winning entries.

Click on the picture below of a succesful entry from last years competition to see previous winners and their works: 


3rd Sarah Wills Is this nuclear safety weblrg


To read a report detailing our work for The Nuclear Education Trust, highlighting the services that we offer and their impact between 2006-2014 please click here.

We are always recruting volunteers to deliver interactive assembly talks and workshops to schools based in the East Midlands, London, the South East and the East of England. If you are interested in these opportunities apply now.

CND Peace Education is particularly suitable for: English – Speaking and Listening; Persuasive Language, Religious Education – War & Peace, Citizenship – Critical Thinking & Enquiry; Citizens working together; Taking Informed & Responsible Action (including the operation of pressure groups), History – Changing Nature of Conflict; Hiroshima & Nagasaki; The cold war, Science – Effects of Radiation, Government and Politics – Operation of Pressure Groups; Current Political Debates, Maths/ICT – Symmetry (folding origami peace cranes), Literacy – Years 5 and 6, Art & Design – Origami cranes & designing peace symbols

Why not try and make some of your very own origami peace cranes with the help of this video.

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CND Peace Education is sponsored by The Nuclear Education Trust, is a Times Educational Supplement Partner, is recommended by the Guardian Teacher Network, is a member of the Peace Education Network, is an organisational member of the Association for Citizenship Teaching, and has received the ACT Quality Mark for two of our outstanding resources.

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