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Anti-nuclear weapons campaigning organisations

Abolition 2000 UK:
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British Nuclear Test Veteran Association:
Greenpeace UK:
International Campaign against Nuclear Weapons
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Anti-war, anti-militarism organisations

Active Resistance to the Roots of War:
Campaign Against the Arms Trade:
Campaign Against Depleted Uranium:
Campaign for the Accountability of American Bases:
Campaign Iran:
Conscience - the Peace Tax Campaign:
Movement for the Abolition of War
Network for Peace:
Pax Christi:
Peace Pledge Union and Peaceworks: and
Quaker Peace and Service:
Stop the War Coalition:
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom:
World Peace Database: 

International campaigning networks

Abolition 2000 international:
Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space:
International Campaign against Nuclear Weapons
International Peace Bureau:
International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW):
Peace Brigades International:

Anti-nuclear energy organisations

Nuclear Trains Action Group:
Cumbrians Opposed to a Radioactive Environment:
Friends of the Earth:
Greenpeace UK:

Overseas organisations

Council for a Livable World (USA):
Friends Committee on National Legislation (USA): 
International Movement for a Just World (JUST) (USA):
Mother Earth (Belgium):
Nuclear Age Peace Foundation (USA):
Traprock Center for Peace and Justice (USA):
No to EPR nuclear reactor (France):
The Peace & Neutrality Alliance (Ireland):

International governance

Action for UN Renewal:
Council for Education in World Citizenship-Cymru:
Hague Appeal for Peace:
World Court Project:
UN Conference on Disarmament:

Thinktanks and academic links

British American Security Information:
European University Center for Peace Studies (EPU):
Gandhi Foundation:
Mahatma Gandhi Research and Media Service:
Nuclear Files:
Oxford Research Group:
The Peace Museum:

Publications and bookshops

Housman's Bookshop:
New Internationalist:
Peace News:
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Peace not War Music Project:
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New songs for peace:
Musicians Against Nuclear Arms (MANA)

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Our World Our Say: Action against Global Conflict:
Palestine Solidarity Campaign:
War on Want:

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