Global nuclear ban: tell Theresa May to ban the bomb


The nuclear ban treaty should be turning point for a world on the brink of nuclear war

On the 20th September 2017, the nuclear ban treaty opened for signature. States across the world are invited to sign up to prohibit nuclear weapons. This is a giant step forward on the road towards global abolition of nuclear weapons. Over one hundred countries are likely to sign the treaty, but will Britain make the most of this crucial opportunity for peace?

CND is calling on Theresa May to ban the bomb now

We invite you to write to the Prime Minister calling on her government to sign the nuclear weapons ban treaty. It takes two minutes using our online tool. Keep an eye out for our full-page advert in The Guardian in the 23rd September in support of the global ban, and please join CND if you support our campaigning activities.

Get the message to your MP

Local CND groups will lobby their constituency MPs on Friday 22nd September, asking them to support the ban treaty and to urge the government to do the same. Groups are also running stalls in town centres on Saturday 23rd. Please get in touch with details of your local events and we will share them.

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