To prevent another Hiroshima:

Help us get the UK to Vienna

Don't let time run out on us.

Exactly 69 years after the people of Hiroshima faced a nuclear attack, these horrendous bombs still exist.

In a few months' time CND will attend the third conference on the Humanitarian Consequences of Nuclear Weapons in Vienna. This international initiative is supported by the overwhelming majority of the world's states, but is being boycotted by Britain.

Please help us ensure the UK government is represented at this vital conference, by making a donation today. Your help will mean we can send a CND delegation to the conference, and could produce a comprehensive report to brief politicians and journalists ahead of time, and add to the mounting international pressure on the government to attend.

New research shows that modern nuclear weapons threaten our existence as a species, so please make a donation. We need to begin this work to get the UK government to the conference and we don't have much time. Thank you.