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Resist nuclear weapons: Scrap Trident!

Not only are nuclear weapons unethical and immoral, but Britain’s nuclear weapons system is also useless. When faced with real modern day security threats, such as terrorism or climate change, Trident becomes completely irrelevant. See our ‘No to Trident’ campaign for more info.

How does Trident affect you?

Current estimates for the replacement of the Trident system run in excess of £100 billion. 

Such spending on a system that was built for a bygone era, rather than to meet today’s needs, is extremely wasteful. Cuts in public spending are affecting some of the most essential sectors of society, including education. With the increase in tuition fees, as well as cuts in social welfare and jobs, this is fast becoming a bleak period for students. Click here to see what we could be spending £100bn on if not Trident.

Jobs not TridentWhy not set up a group at your university?

Running a student group at university is really easy and a great way to share ideas and information about CND. All you need is some like-minded people to get started! 

Visit your individual student union website to find out the process for getting set-up in your university.

Once the group is up and running you may want to take advantage of the resources available online - visit our Activist Centre for available downloads. 

Some suggestions for activities on campus

Workshops and information sessions can be a really effective way of raising awareness among the student body. Your group could organise a talk to outline the objectives behind CND’s campaigns – have a look at our Briefings and Info sheets to help with this.

If you want to organise a speaker for any of your events, just send us an email at

Film screenings can be another popular way of delivering information. Have a look at some of the films suggested on this website that highlight the effects of nuclear war. Check out your university library to see if they are available for loan.

Freshers’ week is another good opportunity to let more people know what you’re doing and gain further support on campus. Think about setting up a stall at Freshers’ Fair for the chance to get some extra campaigning done!

Petitioning is an important part of CND’s campaigning – download the Scrap Trident petition here

Youth involvement

Current competitions: chanceofalifetimelogo
Bristol CND’s ‘Chance of a Lifetime’ Film Competition 2014

Make a film 30-120 seconds long that addresses the question ‘What would you tell the world about nuclear weapons?’

This annual competition offers the chance to win £1,000 worth of prizes in cash and filmmaking equipment. 

There are 3 categories for potential entrants:

School Age: 12 – 16 years old
Youth: 17 – 18 years old
Young Adult: 19 – 25 years old

Deadline: 31st October 2014


Other ways to get involved

  • Sponsors and donations play a vital role in the running of CND and enable us to work toward a nuclear free world. Fundraising in your local community can be a great way to raise donations for CND as well as spreading the word about the negative effects of nuclear weapons.
  • Got some spare time on your hands? Have a look at our Volunteer/Intern opportunities.
  • Follow CND on Facebook and Twitter to keep up-to-date on all anti-nuclear news!
  • Ask your local MP to cut Trident – just click here
  • Keep an eye on our Events page for various upcoming meetings and activities.

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