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Parliamentary CND is a cross-party group of MPs and Peers, open to members of all parties, who campaign to advance CND's goals in the Houses of Parliament.

Caroline Lucas MP chairs the group, supported by  vice chairs Mark Durkan MP, Kelvin Hopkins MP, Kirsten Oswald MP and Hywel Williams MP. The group meets regularly with other supportive Parliamentarians. 

Parliamentary CND plays an active role in the life of parliamentary discussions on nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation with MPs tabling Early Day Motions and in initiating and engaging in Parliamentary debates.

Questions to the Defence Secretary on Trident replacement and to the Foreign Secretary on the UK's commitment to nuclear disarmament under the Non-Proliferation Treaty, are regularly tabled, as well as related questions to select committees scrutinising the government departments, are regularly tabled.

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CND regularly asks activists and supporters to lobby their MPs and to sign statements or raise questions in Parliament on their behalf, as well as working with them in the local constituency. 

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If you're arranging a meeting with your MP to talk about replacing Trident, we've created this handy guide on how to go about it and the points you could raise. Have a look!  

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HammondTrident replacement parliamentary timeline:
Significant Parliamentary Debates and Reports

The intention to replace the Vanguard submarines for the Trident nuclear weapon system was formally announced in a Defence White Paper published in December 2006.

In response, CND published our own Alternative White Paper.

A House of Commons debate and vote in March 2007, by 409 votes in favour to 161 against, gave authorisation for initial research to begin.

In May 2010, the new Coalition Government announced it would continue with research plans to allow Trident replacement to go ahead, but that the Liberal Democrats could continue to argue for alternatives to 'like-for-like replacement.'

In October 2010 the National Security Strategy identified state-on-state nuclear conflict as of 'low likelihood' but the accompanying Strategic Defence and Security Review announced research for Trident replacement would go ahead, with a final decision to authorise submarine construction in 2016.

In May 2011 a Parliamentary report (entitled the 'Initial Gate') and Ministerial statement updating MPs on replacement submarine research work announced key decisions on the adoption of a new nuclear reactor design to propel the replacement submarines, following which a new phase of detailed design work began.

At the same time an announcement was made that the Cabinet Office would conduct a review of alternatives to 'like-for-like' replacement to facilitate  Liberal Democrats making the case for alternatives. This was eventually published in July 2013.

In response, CND published a 'Real Alternatives Review' which looked at the option of non-replacement and disarmament, excluded from the Cabinet Office review. 

Since the May 2011, 'Initial Gate' paper, annual Parliamentary reports into the progress of the Trident replacement programme have since been published in December 2012 and 2013.

Following the 2015 General Election the UK Government undertook a Strategic Defence and Security Review, which announced that the cost of replacing the four Trident submarines would increase to £41bn. This was accompanied by the National Security Strategy, which confirmed the reduced threat level of states using nuclear weapons.

Trident Replacement:
Significant Early Day Motions

EDMs are a device to allow MPs to put on record their opinion on a subject and to demonstrate the extent of support amongst MPs on that subject. In effect, they act as a petition that MPs can sign. Each EDM is open for signature for the life of a Parliamentary session - normally one year.

Current EDMs that CND is urging MPs to support in the 2016-17 session include:


Trident Replacement: Significant EDMs


Select Committees

Government Departments


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