Nov 29 2015

No War No Warming

Assemble 12:00 noon

Assembly point: bloc G - Park Lane, Hyde Park

Join the No War! No Warming! bloc (section G on the map above) on the People's Climate March to make the link between climate change and conflict before the crucial UN climate negotiations in Paris. Say NO to a system which accepts the logic of thousands of weapons of mass destruction and the continual consumption of fossil fuels which science has shown is leading down a path of environmental, social and economic destruction.

CND supporters will be marching with our banner and 'Climate not Trident' placards - contact Anne for more information ( / 020 7700 2393)

Confirm your attendance on the facebook event page and invite your friends

Feb 27 2016

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CND is calling a national demonstration to protest against Britain's nuclear weapons system: Trident.

Join us to say No to government plans to buy a new system at a cost of over £100 billion. Parliament will be voting on this in 2016. So this is urgent – we can't delay.

The majority of the British people, including the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and other parliamentary party leaders, oppose nuclear weapons. They are weapons of mass destruction that can kill millions. They don't keep us safe and they divert resources from essential spending.

Let's get message out loud and clear: we don't want Trident and we don't want a new Trident.

Join us in London on February 27th to say: STOP TRIDENT