CND Groups

CND is a network of regional organisations, local groups and individual members, covering the whole of Britain.

CND has a national office in London, regional offices in several major English cities, and independent Scottish CND, Irish CND and CND Cymru organisations. There are also specialist groups like Youth & Student CND, Student CND, Christian CND, and Labour CND.

Contact details for CND groups are given on the groups map and in the contacts section.

Local campaigning is at the heart of CND's work, bringing the issue of nuclear disarmament to peoples' doorsteps and relating it to their communities. The work of CND groups is vital as it reaches out to people who may not have considered the issue of nuclear disarmament previously and those who felt there was nothing they could do about it. If there is a group near you, do contact them. You can decide how much you want to be involved in local campaigning and give as little or as much time as you feel you are able and you may have some skills or ideas that could be of use. It is also a great way to make new friends and become involved in something you feel strongly about.

Different groups are free to concentrate on different aspects of the campaign, as well as joining in national events such as rallies. They also uncover details of local nuclear installations and nuclear traffic, both road and rail, in order to publicise and mount local protests against them. Regional and national workers, as well as looking after their own areas, often act as national co-coordinators for specific campaigning aspects, for example Yorkshire CND's campaign against Missile 'Defence'.

At the CND Annual Conference delegates from local groups, regions and specialist sections, as well as individuals, elect a Chair, three Vice Chairs and a Treasurer (as well as electing 'Directly Elected' and 'Regional' CND Council members - see our Conference page for further info). Conference delegates then debate and decide on campaigning policies and priorities for the year ahead.

CND Groups Map

Below is a map showing where CND groups are based. Click on the coloured markers for contact information and details of the group. 

This information is also listed in the CND contacts section.



 Local CND Group


 Local Peace and CND Group


 Area CND Group


 Regional CND Group


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 Specialist CND Group

Starting a New CND Group

If there is no group in your area, why not start one? Starting a new group can seem like a daunting task but with some basic preparation it should be a very rewarding experience as well as crucial to CND's campaign for a nuclear free world. CND national office can help so do get in touch if you require advice or support.

There are various ways to start a group and there is not a prescribed procedure that you need to follow. As long as the group's campaigning focus reflects that of national CND, the way forward and method of organisation is entirely decided by the group's members.

Initially you should ensure that there is enough support locally to allow a good spread of responsibility, effort and people’s time. To help with this CND national office can send an introductory note to members on your behalf and we are happy to help draft this. You might like to suggest a possible activity e.g. a stall (CND can post a selection of campaigning materials) or local leafleting or a film screening. You might like to call a planning meeting for those interested at a public venue e.g. sympathetic cafe or meeting room.

You should try to always proceed by consensus. Members will often be eager to start campaigning but make sure that a majority are happy with whatever is being suggested. Do find out how much people are prepared to do and what their skills are.

Once you have at least 2 National company members and 10 supporters, you can officially join as a CND Group. There is an annual £25 affiliation fee.

You can download a group membership form here.

For information about individual membership see our join page.

For information about trade union affiliation see our trade union section or for other group affiliations to download an affiliation form .