Round-up of Trident news (23rd Jan 2013)

trident-subIt's a big news day for Trident - with the Guardian's front page running an exclusive interview with Danny Alexander (Chief Secretary to the Treasury) about the Trident Alternatives Review.

But there are also other excellent pieces on Trident today - a Richard Norton-Taylor article asking whether Trident is an expensive insurance policy or an unaffordable irrelevance - and a comment piece by Nick Harvey (former Defence Minister): "Trident will not protect us".

See our press release for our response to Danny Alexander's comments on Trident.

Another article which caught our eye was an Evening Standard leader which questioned the need for spending billions on Trident - that's pretty unheard of for the Evening Standard! Here's what they had to say:

"Defence must take its share of cuts and choices must be made. Something has to give: it is worth asking again whether renewing the Trident nuclear missile system, on which design work alone will cost £350 million, is as good a use of defence funds as more boots on the ground. Given our present challenges, the answer must be no."


Here's a round-up of the day's Trident news:


CND Press Release: CND welcomes Lib Dem commitment to fight Trident 


Guardian: Trident: no need for like-for-like replacement, says Danny Alexander

Exclusive: Chief secretary to the Treasury tells Guardian there are 'credible and compelling alternatives'


Guardian: Danny Alexander: Trident review will set out 'compelling' list of alternatives

Exclusive: Chief secretary to the Treasury hails 'significant moment' in nuclear deterrent debate and calls for every party to face up to financial challenges


Guardian: Trident renewal: expensive insurance policy or unaffordable irrelevance? - Richard Norton-Taylor

Increasing number of senior military figures oppose replacing nuclear fleet, but supporters say alternatives are no cheaper


Evening Standard Leader: Prince Harry and our shrinking army


Guardian: Trident will not protect us - Nick Harvey

Britain can't justify these military cuts without looking at the billions spent on nuclear weapons


BBC News: Minister Danny Alexander dismisses Trident replacement

A government review will provide "credible" alternatives to a direct replacement of Trident, Treasury Chief Secretary Danny Alexander has said.


Independent: Trident replacement 'not realistic'

Liberal Democrat Danny Alexander, who has led the review, dismissed Tory demands for a new continuous at-sea nuclear deterrent as "not financially realistic". The Government is spending around £1.4bn on early design work for Trident replacement submarines, but the final decision about whether to go ahead is not due until after the general election.


Telegraph: Like-for-like Trident replacement is not 'financially realistic'

A replacement for the Trident nuclear deterrent is “not financially realistic”, Danny Alexander has said.

Mr Alexander, the Chief secretary to the Treasury, dismissed Tory demands for a new continuous at-sea nuclear deterrent and warned that the Treasury does not have “a magic pot of money” to pay for a new generation of submarines.


Guardian Diary: UK disarmament credentials - Hugh Muir

"Our disarmament credentials are second to none," said defence minister Philip Dunne, and though Westminster can be a cynical place, most believed him. And now the figures. In 2011-12, the coalition spent £2.125m on "Nuclear Arms Control and Verification Research" at the Atomic Weapons Establishment, compared with an estimated £2.2bn on Trident and its possible replacement. Oh, Philip, how could you?