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Kate Hudsons blog

Dr Kate Hudson, CND General Secretary
Kate Hudson has been General Secretary of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament since September 2010. Prior to this she served as the organisation's Chair from 2003. She is a leading anti-nuclear and anti-war campaigner nationally and internationally. She is also author of 'CND Now More than Ever: The Story of a Peace Movement'.

Mar 20 2015
We have a situation where public opinion against Trident is the strongest it has ever been, at the moment when the final decision on replacement is coming up fast. March 2016 is the date that is being trailed, so the MPs that are elected this May will comprise the parliament that decides on the future of Britain’s nuclear weapons system. Many of us are pulling out the stops to lobby our candidates in advance of the election so they know that Trident is an issue in our voting choices. But what about the political parties and their actual policies? It’s all very well individual MPs being against Trident, but it’s the party leaderships that will form the government. Currently, the Conservative Party supports a full ‘like-for-like’ replacement of the Trident system but it’s worth noting that some dissenting voices are appearing – notably Crispin Blunt, MP for Reigate. He opposes Trident on the basis that it damages conventional military spending and no doubt that is a view that will be supported elsewhere too. The Labour Party wants to retain an ‘independent nuclear deterrent’ but is also committed to including Trident in a Strategic Defence Review after the election. In the…
Feb 12 2015

Don't privatise protest

Written by Kate Hudson
Those of us engaged in protest – and organising it – from time to time face opposition from the authorities. In my experience this has usually been politically driven. Take for example the attempts to prevent the huge anti-war march – eventually 2 million strong – ending with a rally in Hyde Park. We faced ministerial intervention and all kinds of spurious arguments, including that it was the wrong sort of grass for us to walk on. But we won the day - with overwhelming public support. We were not sileneced and we secured the right to hold one of the greatest demonstrations in history. Defending the right to protest is fundamental to our democracy. So why are we now facing a series of apparently incremental attacks and restrictions on the normal procedures of our legitimate protest activity? The answer, in my opinion, is government spending cuts. More specifically, cuts to the police budget. According to a BBC report, in January, the Met said it expected to have to make cuts of £800m to its £3.5bn budget over the next four years, having already faced cuts of £600m over the past four years. I am assuming that’s why they are…
Jan 26 2015

Wrapping up Trident - next steps

Written by Kate Hudson
A big thank you to the thousands of people from across the country who came to London on Saturday to wrap the Ministry of Defence in pink peace scarf! Maybe some of you still think it's an odd thing to do, but quirky or not, we certainly captured the popular imagination and were a particular hit with young people. The students with 'Books not Bombs' placards sent a strong pro-free education message as we marched to parliament following the 'wrap-up', and 'NHS not Trident' was probably the day's favourite slogan. Media coverage must have been at an all time high - it's not often we get coverage in The Times and the Daily Mail, just to mention a couple of the many media outlets, and it was pretty fair coverage too. Last week's high profile for Trident helped - thanks to the SNP, Plaid Cymru and the Green Party for helping make this a crucial general election issue. As events in Greece have shown, political change is possible, and getting rid of Trident is definitely something that can happen. Now let's redouble our efforts to scrap Trident. Let's make sure that every single parliamentary candidate is lobbied over and over…
Jan 21 2015

Help us Wrap up Trident!

Written by Kate Hudson
In early 2016, MPs will vote to make a final decision on replacing the Trident - the UK's Cold War nuclear weapons system. We have to send a clear message to MPs and to candidates standing for election this May: Trident must be scrapped, not replaced.  Please help us to do this. One way is to join us on Saturday 24th January: we will be encircling government and parliament buildings with a peace scarf knitted by thousands of people. Join us for a mass protest against government plans to spend £100 billion replacing Trident. Let's meet people's real needs. Cut Trident - not jobs, health or education. 12 noon - 3pm Saturday 24th January 2015 Ministry of Defence, Horse Guards Avenue, London Nearest tube: Charing Cross/Embankment/Westminster Join the Facebook event here! ARRANGEMENTS Meet at 12 noon outside the Ministry of Defence in Horse Guards Avenue 1pm: Encircle MoD and parlaimentary buildings before marching down Whitehall together to Paliament 2pm: Rally opposite Parliament in Old Palace Yard RALLY SPEAKERS initial speakers confirmed are:  Jeremy Corbyn MP, Julie Ward MEP, Shahrar Ali (Deputy Leader, Green Party), Kate Hudson (CND), Bruce Kent (CND), Lindsey German (Stop the War), Heather Wakefield (UNISON), Khalil Charles…
Dec 10 2014
Almost 160 states have gathered in Vienna for an international conference on the humanitarian consequences of nuclear weapons – the third on this subject within two years. Speaker after speaker has underlined the extraordinary danger of keeping so many nuclear weapons – the current tally is around 16,000 – when the detonation of just one, by accident or design, would be catastrophic. Recent scientific research demonstrates how much worse the impact of nuclear use would be than even that previously anticipated on every level: economic, medical, environmental, climatic, existential. All this has been drawn on by the participants, together with the expectation that the changing security context means an increased likelihood of acquisition and use by non-state actors. In some respects, none of this is very surprising. For decades the majority of states have backed nuclear disarmament while a small number have held out in support of their own arsenals. This has been the essential dynamic at the five-yearly Review Conferences of the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and their attendant (almost annual) preparatory committees. Diplomatic corps have perfected the art of the talking shop, on nuclear weapons as much as anything else. So one can understand the frustration within the NPT…
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