Mar 27 2013

New Katharine Hamnett anti-Trident designs

Written by Kate Hudson

Hamnett-ThatcherFew people effectively confronted Margaret Thatcher. But I am proud to know one of them. When fashion designer Katharine Hamnett reluctantly went to meet Thatcher in 1984 she took the opportunity to act for all of us in the anti-nuclear movement.

Her t-shirt spelled out our message as bold as brass: 58% DON’T WANT PERSHING. Thatcher was working with Reagan to bring cruise and Pershing missiles to Europe, securing our position on the front line in any nuclear exchange between the United States and the Soviet Union.

Millions of people were saying No and Katharine – in a gesture described by Vogue magazine as one of the most iconic moments in fashion – was out there on the design and fashion front, speaking to an audience we had little access to.

Hamnett Ts sml

Katharine’s work as a political designer has covered many causes. Close to my heart and all of those in the anti-war movement over the last decade, has been her anti-war design STOP THE WAR BLAIR OUT – again speaking for millions.

Now she is speaking out again, on a crucial and urgent issue – the appalling waste of money on the Trident nuclear weapons system.

As we head to Aldermaston – Britain’s nuclear bomb factory – on Monday 1st April, Katharine will be travelling with us. And so will her latest designs: EDUCATION NOT TRIDENT and NHS NOT TRIDENT. It couldn’t be more clearly put: why waste £100 billion on Trident and its replacement, when we could spend that money on education, health, homes, jobs…

Join us on Monday, and wear the t-shirt! 


For full details of the protest on Monday 1st April, see here:

Katharine Hamnett t-shirts are available in our online shop here.