Sep 10 2012

Mass protest at Koodankulam - please support petition

Written by Kate Hudson

Thousands of people including the elderly, women and children are protesting outside the walls of the Koodankulam Nuclear Power plant in southern India. They are camping out in extreme weather conditions in protest against the draconian and undemocratic procedures of the Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited and those that they are party to.
Please alert everyone including media as thousands of police and paramilitary have also gathered around them threatening them with violence. The world needs to be aware of how an Indo-Russian plant that is to be fueled with uranium from USA and France this week is oppressing the lives of ordinary people forced to live less than 1km away. In total there are about 1.5 million people living within 30km of this plant, one that has not released a safety analysis report, has insufficient water for emergencies plus many other environmental problems that have not been adequately dealt with. Further details of the protests - and some incredible photos showing the scale of the protest - are here:

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