Remember Fukushima: No to Nuclear Power

Remember Fukushima: No to Nuclear Power! 

On 11th March 2013, two years will have passed since the devastating tsunami that caused the catastrophe at the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan.

To mark the second anniversary of the ongoing Fukushima disaster, we will be marching in London, in solidarity with the people of Japan and towards a nuclear-free world.

Fukushima poster

We are organising the following events to Remember Fukushima in coalition with Japanese Against Nuclear UK and Kick Nuclear:


On 25 January 2013, a letter signed by CND, Japanese Against Nuclear UK, Kick Nuclear and several other organisations was delivered to the Ambassador of Japan to the United Kingdom, and to the Japanese Prime Minister, setting out concerns of protesters and a list of actions that the Japanese government could take. Take a look below for excerpts and just some of the demands from that letter:

We have come here today as Japanese expatriates and UK citizens to support people in Japan and make four requests to the Japanese government. We would like the government to abolish nuclear power generation, to prevent the further release and spread of radioactive materials, to implement policies to protect people's health and lives and to uphold citizens’ rights to engage in social activities and free speech.

We are deeply concerned that radioactive contamination from the nuclear catastrophe at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant that started on March 11 2011, has been spreading across Japan…

In order to support people in Japan, we request the following actions by the Japanese government.

  • To withdraw from nuclear power generation immediately and switch to renewable energy as soon as possible.
  • To end assistance and investment for all overseas projects to build and/or promote nuclear energy.
  • To prevent/minimise the further release and spread of radioactive materials.
  • To provide compensation to people for damages incurred by the disaster.
  • To minimise radiation exposure of the general public by adopting a stringent policy based on the principles of prevention.
  • To tighten food safety standards taking into account the health damage caused by low level contamination observed in the Chernobyl disaster and implement stringent monitoring.
  • To make nuclear emergency plans that reflect the extent of the irreversible damage from the Fukushima Daiichi disaster and prevent similar tragedies from occurring in the future. To uphold the rights and freedom of people who act to minimise the risk of nuclear disaster and radiation exposure.
  • To respect freedom of information and independent journalistic activities.


Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Bikini and Fukushima. Japan has probably suffered more from nuclear damage than any other nation in the world. Why continue with this outdated and harmful technology? Japan should join countries like Germany leading the world towards a nuclear free future. People in Japan would then begin to find hope for the future.

Full text of the letter and more information can be found at:

We hope you will join us on 9th March to demonstrate in London, to say Remember Fukushima, No to Nuclear Power!