Public opposition to Trident replacement

Poll after poll shows that a consistent majority of the British population are against nuclear weapons. Here is a selection of polls from the last few years:

A poll by Bristol University showed that nuclear weapons only made 3% of people feel safe!

Following the election of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour party leader in September 2015, a Labour List poll showed 53% of the party's members want to get rid of Trident. Only 19% supported a new nuclear weapons system.

A Survation poll in January 2015 showed 47.2% of Scottish people opposing a new generation of nuclear weapons being based on the Clyde, with 31.6% in favour.

79% of respondents to a Guardian poll in April 2014 did not think the UK should replace Trident.

In a February 2014 ComRes poll, 65% said they would feel uncomfortable living near a nuclear weapons base and 64% think there should be an international convention banning nuclear weapons.

63% of the public said they'd back scrapping Trident to reduce the deficit in a BPIX survey for The Mail on Sunday in June 2010.

58% of people say that ‘given the state of the country's finances, the Government should scrap the Trident nuclear missile system’ in an Independent/ComRes poll of September 2009 (Table 7)

54% of the public say Britain should 'no longer have any nuclear deterrent' in a Guardian/ICM poll of July 2009 (Table 8)

Only 30% of the public would spend £20bn on Trident when offered alternatives of spending on nurses salaries or affordable homes, in a YouGov poll for The People newspaper from July 2009 (Page 4)

72% of the British public, in a poll in March 2007, did not support the government's plans to replace Trident - More4/Populus poll.

64% were against nuclear weapons being based in Scotland for another 50 years. ICM poll, January 2007