No to NATO

CND campaigns for Britain to leave NATO and opposes its expansion. NATO has become an ever-expanding interventionist bloc, operating on a global scale. The war on Afghanistan is just one example of the destabilising and destructive impact of its policies. NATO also flouts the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty through deploying nuclear weapons in European countries like Germany, Italy and Belgium. Britain’s Trident nuclear weapons system is actually assigned to NATO.
NATO is a military alliance of Western countries that was established in 1949 during the early years of the Cold War, triggering the foundation of the Warsaw Pact.  Rather than scaling back its military presence when the Warsaw Pact was dissolved after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the US moved rapidly to expand its sphere of influence through NATO.


In 1999, the alliance adopted a new Strategic Concept, which advocated offensive action anywhere on the Eurasian landmass for the first time. The scale of NATO's expansion has contributed to international tension as Russia sees itself increasingly surrounded by US and NATO bases including in the Balkans, the Middle East and central Asia.

The tension exploded in late 2013 with the crisis in Ukraine. Despite the fact that one cause of this crisis was the increasing presence of NATO in the region, the US has proceeded to use the situation to bolster the alliance. NATO even undertook joint military exercises in Ukraine in 2014.

NATO causes instability across the globe – as well as costing us increasing amounts of money – and it must be disbanded.   

No to NATO Briefings