Hinkley Point Blockade

Stop_New_Nuclear_Hinkley_Point_nuclear_power_blockade_087Hinkley Point Blockade – 3rd October

CND is a member of the Stop New Nuclear alliance, which aims to stop new nuclear build at Hinkley Point, as well as all new nuclear build. On 3rd October 2011, more than 300 protesters from across Britain and as far away as Germany, blockaded Hinkley Point nuclear power plant in Somerset in protest against EDF Energy's plans to renew the site with two new reactors. Hinkley Point C, as the project is called, would be the first new nuclear power plant in the UK for more than 20 years.

The peaceful blockade started at 7am and lasted approximately nine hours. The day was colourful and well-covered in the media, with reports on local BBC and ITV channels as well as in the Guardian, Independent and Telegraph newspapers. One person was arrested for possession of a pen knife, but later released without charge.

At noon, 206 helium balloons were released, representing the number of days since the Fukushima incident started. The balloons' journeys were tracked to show which areas of the West Country will be worst affected should a major disaster happen at Hinkley Point.

The blockade of Hinkley Point was not a one-off event. The Stop New Nuclear gathering will be in Bristol on 5 – 6 November 2011, to discuss and plan the next campaigns and actions against nuclear new build in Britain. To learn more about the gathering, visit http://stopnewnuclear.org.uk/gathering2011